Web of Causation- SES

Redesign  communities to improve their health.


Every cause has an effect and every action a repercussion, it is easy to say but very hard to analyze and understand. Diseases are like that, they have a direct or indirect causation; while we have been having an epidemiological transition and chronic diseases have become the leading and underlying causes of death, everything has become a little bit more politically complicated and that is the case of the food deserts .

L.A. Community Starved For Healthful Food Options (AUDIO)

“From here, you look all around, there’s no market,” says Olga Perez
Surce:Mandalit del Barco/NPR

Many communities are living in environments  (environmental injustices) which are favoring the development of  diseases such as led poisoning, Obesity, Hypertension , Type 2 Diabetes, etc.

Fig. 1. Evidence informed model of potential determinants of sport/physical activity (Foster et al., 2005).

 SES determines the place where people  can afford to live( location/zip code)  and it can become a barrier to get access to  healthier choices ,creating unhealthy behaviors  (diet, activity level), and  affects people’s quality of life and life expectancy.