PBL- When the theory meets the practice.

PBL offers a new educational environment and helps to decrease the boredom, but still it can create certain uncertainty, on one hand students might think that PBL looks like a lot of work  and on the other hand the educators might find that even thought PBL is a very innovated way of teaching, still they will need to assess if their student have learned the content.

PBL can actually be a win-win situation for both , the students and the educators; the content can be assess, perhaps in the traditional way by given  a quiz/test to the students  as was done by UVA . PBL  will help educator and students to have a learning environment that will go beyond the classroom, it will go to the real life, as we know getting a high score does not necessary means than we can do things in real life, it does not guaranty that students have really learned.

In my opinion, I can definitely think that it is easier to learn while we apply our knowledge than just memorizing and according with the adult learning principles , adults need to know what they are learning  and learn through doing, also I feel like it is easier to remember when we actually can apply what we have learned that just memorizing things, therefore PBL offers a very exciting new way of learning and also the opportunity to use our creativity and interact with more people.

If you want to enroll in an online PBL course, you can do it here.



Ivette, I agree, and I liked the videos. 🙂 Well, the problem is that students usually think the instructor is not doing anything. I tried to change my method two weeks ago in my recitations and they hated. They asked me to continue explaining and pointing to the important concepts, so they can do well in the exams. =/ They did not do very well. I am planning to insist on working with some case studies.

Ivette Valenzuela

I forgot to add that part (instructors not doing anything), when actually is more work!!
It will definitely be a challenge, but when we see the bigger picture , at the end it will be worth it.
Thanks for sharing your experiences and hang in there, I hope that I can do it in the future as well!! 🙂