More about PBL

“You can forget facts but you can not forget  understanding”

                                             ~Professor Eric Mazur

As Professor Mazur said : “it is about understanding”. PBL It is about understanding and enhancing skills and it also brings another dimension to the teaching/learning environment, besides challenging the traditional way of teaching/learning , it increase the amount of work for both educator and student, BUT, if we are trying to get  our students ready for real world issues ,I still think that it is worth it to use it, as we all know, we need to teach and train our students to use their facts, no just to memorize them.

PBL , as everything new,  has some benefits and risks  for students, educators and institutions, I still feel that the advantages and applications of PBL (in almost every field)  outweigh the risks ( students lacking of prior PBL  experiences )will help to create a more interdisciplinary and diverse educational environment  that will prepare students for an interdisciplinary and diverse world.

Other advantage of PBL is that it can be use  as early as elementary school level (see video below)



Great infographic! In just a few words it does a great job of displaying the importance of PBL. I really think the video is fantastic too. I would be willing to bet that everyone of those students in that video had a much more solid understanding of the problem than if they had just discussed the problem. Just look at how engaged they look!

Ivette Valenzuela

Thanks for your comment! I agree with you,those kids will have a more solid understanding and also (I hope) they will remember it for a longer period of time.