Information/Education is always the KEY!

When we speak about  food deserts and chronic diseases, it is frustrating to see how people can get sick due to their location and accessibility to grocery stores, but what happens when people have a healthier food choice and still do not take it?, well we can assume that income will be a barrier, also we can think of lack of education or motivation and that is why some institutions have tried to decrease this kind of  barriers in order to increase the access to healthy choices.  Boston could  not be the exception , Mass is the only state (so far) with Universal Care therefore getting access to health care professionals is not an issue, but still people have been getting chronic diseases that are linked to unhealthy behaviors.

When health care access is not longer an issue,then we realize the information/education and location are the key to get access  to  healthier food choices.

Other thing that has been decreasing the economic barrier is the  fact that farmer markets have started accepting nutrition assistance programs such as : WIC and EBT .

Access is a very complex issue, but if we know the problems and causes, we can look for possible solutions.