Can net communication decrease humanity?


Social networking has great and bad aspects, on one hand we can feel that the world has become flat, yes now we can go online and find mostly everyone and also get in contact we people that we never thought  we will do it again,  net communication is cheap, almost always fast and can be access almost everywhere in the world.On the other hand even tho we are communicating more and the access to communication has increased, our communication skills have decreased.


The basic communication process involved simple steps: message-encode-send-decode and interpreter, still it can lead to misinterpretations, but with body language chances were that the message was going to be interpreter as expected.

The fact the people like to communicate more by using social media and even worst choosing technology over verbal communication, makes me feel that we are decreasing our humanity, a personal touch is what makes socialization and behavior better, how can we socialize , keep or create new relationships without a personal touch?

“I fear the day when the technology overlaps with our humanity. The world will only have a generation of idiots.” ~ Albert Einstein



Hi Ivy!

I agree on one hand that reliance on social media as a form of communication could be problematic and lead to decreased ability to ACTUALLY communicate. I think this might be more so for younger generations who have been brought up with all of this from the get go.

For myself, Facebook first came around when I was in college – and was only for college students. Since then blogging as taken off and Twitter, LinkedIn and who knows what else have come in to the picture. At first I had an “I hate them all” mentality. However, I started blogging which led to using Twitter..and I started to embrace it. The communication and connections I have made via social media have actually led to REAL professional relationships and REAL conversations in person – which has been fantastic. I think social media can be used to bring about and enhance direct person-to-person communication. Just need to be careful not to get “swallowed up” by the internet world!

See you next week!


Tariqul Alam

It is true that too much use of social networking lack us developing verbal communication. People sometimes get addicted to online chatting and do not want to talk face to face. People are lacking the skill on socialization.