Celebrating Change!

It is exciting and overwhelming to talk about change in Higher Education, although it is hard to deal with change , it is something that we can’t control neither stop.

Change is good , even when we  can’t see it. A change  on higher education is really needed. The society’s problems have become complex and we as future professors, need to embrace them in an open minded way and be capable to prepare our students to face them as well. Teaching in higher education is a challenge already;  complex problems demand a complex understanding and solutions.

The technology has helped us to make our world flat, now we can transport physically or virtually almost everywhere and make use of diverse ways of teaching and address problems from diverse populations  with professionals with a diverse background.

One of the ways of addressing change might be by making use of diversity and technology, if we see problems from different points of views we might be able to address them in a more diverse and complete way.

I am a very positive and optimist person yet I am afraid of change as most of the people are BUT  if we see the positive side of the change (learning more and new ways, getting to know new people, etc.), instead of freaking out we might start celebrating it 🙂