Interpersonal Relationships

Our family is our first school, our parents start teaching us moral, spiritual values and also good manners.

The school is our second school and the society help to shape our behaviors at family and school levels.

I used to think that people with a high educational level (More than bachelor degree) were going to have a better sense about dealing with other people, apparently I was wrong and I never took into consideration the society and family.

Literacy level might influence and shape our behavior but when our family and society teach us a way to behave , educational level alone won’t determine our behavior.

I know the dealing with people from different cultures is a very hard task, but it becomes even harder when other cultures have not a minimum respect and tolerance to other cultures or nationalities.

I thought that literacy level was a strong influence on our behavior, I was wrong!!!

Educational level without a family and society shaping our behavior is not enough to shape an appropriate behavior that can be accepted in the rest of societies.