Multitasking- It is hard to be a Woman!!

  I really enjoyed the multitasking exercise that we did in our GEDI class; it helped me to realized  about the difference between mental and physical multitasking, the former does not improve our performance ( I thought it did) , and the latter is sort of automatic and mechanical ,something that  we (women) are used to do ;)

Being dyslexic does not really help me in multitasking :( ; however women are genetically programed to multitask, WAIT A MINUTE… THAT IS A WRONG STATEMENT!!  women are socially and culturally required to multitask  !


I have always complained of how the feminist revolution has backfired on us. Women, please, do not get me wrong; I do appreciate the fact that now we can vote, access to education, work outside of our homes and many more rights that we have won. 

I feel like women have increased their work load and the society expect way tooo much from us (women are mothers, wives, housekeepers ,gatekeepers, caregivers, professionals and still need to look forever fit,young and beautiful).

Women have been holding  careers and jobs in many fields as men, but women are  still being paid less than men and have increased their cardiovascular disease rate ( wonder why? lifestyle+ stress + never taking care of ourselves= heart disease and many more other diseases).



  • Multitasking is not doing good to anyone, neither at professional level and/or personal level.
  • Women have won some freedom, but still get less salary and even worst, women are still expected to perform their “female role/tasks”  at home.