Infographics: Education + Stable Job= Living Longer with a better quality of life.

I will never get tired of saying education….education….education is the key for almost everything! I am sorry if I talk to much about education and health, I just can’t help it!!!

It is important for students that plan to be professors to see the impact of their teaching in their students. Professors have many responsibilities,  but also have a social duty : creation of a better society.

According with The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, education is important not just to get a better and stable job, but also to live a longer and healthier life


It is not a surprise to see that a higher educated person has a higher salary and also a better health and quality of life, it is like a domino effect (although someone can perfectly argue that no all people with Masters or PhD degree get a good job).


What is going to happen with people with lower education and lower access to health care?.  According with The Kaiser Commission on Medicaid and the Uninsured Report and an Urban Institute Report ;  lower income people have been dealing with a higher burden, paying with most of their resources to be able to access to health care, more info here.

If you want to read the brief of the reports, click on their names: How Does Employment
 or Unemployment Affect Health?  & Why Does Education Matter So Much to Health?