A good pathway to education starts in………… Family or kindergarten?

We all know that the first school is the family, but what happened when it is time to start  education at school level? . During the past State of the Union (February 12, 2013), our President spoke about early education and its importance in kids developments and their outcomes. The President also spoke about early education and its impact in preventing  teen pregnancy and increasing graduation rates.


It makes sense to talk about early childhood education, and how important it is, mostly ,when we see the funding cuts faced by schools/education  every year.

If education is the one that will determine our health and job outcomes/status,  It won’t be a surprise to see minorities been affected for many non-communicable diseases that are linked to life style, if we know the importance of education, what are we doing to reach the underrepresented population? What about the minorities?


Hispanics have become the biggest minority and according with U.S. Census Bureau Projections, the Hispanic population will increase” from 53.3 million in 2012 to 128.8 in 2060”. As Hispanic population grows, their academic achievement will impact U.S future. Increasing their access and graduation rate should become a priority for higher education institutions.

I am a Hispanic woman, seen myself in a classroom where I see the biggest minority being the less represented  makes me experience ambivalent feelings; on one hand I feel very happy and blessed of having this wonderful educational experience but on the other hand l feel sad and frustrated. I have started wondering : what are the barriers for Hispanics to reach higher education? is  having access to a 2 year (Associates college) or 4 years (Baccalaureate Colleges) enough? What is stopping them from graduate?.

I have many questions and I do not want to think that just our background (race/ethnicity/socioeconomic status) is the one defining the increased/decreased  access  to education (starting in kindergarten) or even worst our background is the only determinant of  the possibilities in getting  higher education.