An enjoyable learning experience.


Creating an enjoyable learning environment goes beyond of having a nice campus and/or access to technology, it is more about being able to create an environment where students develop a critical thinking, it is transforming a classroom from a place where students have to go to a place where they want to go, I know  it sounds ideal  but it can be done (I choose to believe it).

As Mike Wesch called it  “anti-teaching”, which is opposed to the traditional way of teaching, “anti-teaching”,can become the key in improving the learning experience and also in developing critical thinking.


As societies change and technology has become part of almost everyone’s life, we can take advantage of it, and use it as a tool to create a better teaching/ learning environment as well.

It  might sound, like the next logical step is the incorporation of  social media in teaching, and even when I am supportive of a nice,  innovative and  enjoyable teaching/learning environment and experience,  I still believe that technology can be use as tool and should not “totally” replace the college experience.