El Papel de la FE en la curación de la enfermedad.

La medicina occidental nos educa a abordar la enfermedad desde un punto de vista occidental: enfermedad y tratamiento.  Que entendemos como enfermedad? La enfermedad es la ausencia de salud física, mental y emocional.  Que entendemos por tratamiento de enfermedad, lo resumiré fácil: uso de medicina!

La medicina occidental esta basada en tratamiento de enfermedades , diagnósticos médicos, pero que sucede cuando los diagnósticos no son solo diagnósticos?  en otras palabras porque no consideramos el aspecto espiritual-emocional-mental-socio-cultural y económico de una persona? En este post voy a tratar de hablar un poco del aspecto teológico (valores morales) y teleológico (Dios como poder supremo) del ser humano.

El ser cristiana me hace que me enfoque en la Santa Biblia para citar la importancia de la fe el proceso de sanación. “¿Está alguno entre vosotros enfermo? Que llame a los ancianos de la iglesia y que ellos oren por él, ungiéndolo con aceite en el nombre del Señor; y la oración de fe restaurará al enfermo, y el Señor lo levantará, y si ha cometido pecados le serán perdonados (Santiago 5:14-15). Ademas  de la Biblia (si para ustedes no es suficiente) existe literatura que habla del poder de la fe en el proceso de la sanación mental/emocional y física.

Ser una Medico-Cristiana me ha ayudado a presenciar milagros de vida y curación de enfermedades por medio de la oración y la FE en DIOS. Ser medico me ha ayudado a ver como la FE juega un papel importante en el proceso de curación, ya que FE conlleva a paz interior y disminuye ansiedad.


Prevención de enfermedades crónicas basado en estilo de vida: Cáncer

Ser un trabajador de Salud Publica abre un sin numero de posibilidades para ayudar a personas vulnerables y llenas de necesidades básicas.
Toda mi vida he tenido problemas aceptando la muerte por cosas que pueden ser previsibles. He trabajado mas de 12 years en prevención y control de diabetes pensando que era la mejor manera de tomar el toro por los cuernos . Pero que sucede cuando te das cuenta que lo que puede causar diabetes (factores socio-ecologicos) puede causar  cáncer? Peor aun cuando eres diagnosticada con cáncer? Ese es el principio de mi historia y mi lucha contra las enfermedades mortales que pueden ser previsibles.
 Lo primero que debemos entender es que cancer es una enfermedad multifactorial que conlleva a un crecimiento descontrolado de células. En otras palabras nuestro cuerpo produce descontroladamente células. Sin embargo podemos prevenir cáncer haciendo uso de un modelo socio-ecológico y teniendo como objetivo final el fortalecimiento del sistema inmune.

Celebrating Change!

It is exciting and overwhelming to talk about change in Higher Education, although it is hard to deal with change , it is something that we can’t control neither stop.

Change is good , even when we  can’t see it. A change  on higher education is really needed. The society’s problems have become complex and we as future professors, need to embrace them in an open minded way and be capable to prepare our students to face them as well. Teaching in higher education is a challenge already;  complex problems demand a complex understanding and solutions.

The technology has helped us to make our world flat, now we can transport physically or virtually almost everywhere and make use of diverse ways of teaching and address problems from diverse populations  with professionals with a diverse background.

One of the ways of addressing change might be by making use of diversity and technology, if we see problems from different points of views we might be able to address them in a more diverse and complete way.

I am a very positive and optimist person yet I am afraid of change as most of the people are BUT  if we see the positive side of the change (learning more and new ways, getting to know new people, etc.), instead of freaking out we might start celebrating it 🙂

Interpersonal Relationships

Our family is our first school, our parents start teaching us moral, spiritual values and also good manners.

The school is our second school and the society help to shape our behaviors at family and school levels.

I used to think that people with a high educational level (More than bachelor degree) were going to have a better sense about dealing with other people, apparently I was wrong and I never took into consideration the society and family.

Literacy level might influence and shape our behavior but when our family and society teach us a way to behave , educational level alone won’t determine our behavior.

I know the dealing with people from different cultures is a very hard task, but it becomes even harder when other cultures have not a minimum respect and tolerance to other cultures or nationalities.

I thought that literacy level was a strong influence on our behavior, I was wrong!!!

Educational level without a family and society shaping our behavior is not enough to shape an appropriate behavior that can be accepted in the rest of societies.


Being a Millennial means: using more technology ,having a higher confidence level and being more diverse

Being a millennial, goes beyond to a DOB (date of birth), it is more about how much we are being adapted to new trends and technology.


 I feel like adapting to technology has become mostly a survival skill. If we do not learn how to use technology, our capacity to communicate, increase our network and even getting a job might be in danger.

Being a millennial also means being confident and more open minded. I know our kids will be more diverse. New generations are already developing more tolerance to people and situations.

Hispanic has become the largest minority and it estimated to be about 20% of the millennial in US.



Multitasking- It is hard to be a Woman!!

  I really enjoyed the multitasking exercise that we did in our GEDI class; it helped me to realized  about the difference between mental and physical multitasking, the former does not improve our performance ( I thought it did) , and the latter is sort of automatic and mechanical ,something that  we (women) are used to do ;)

Being dyslexic does not really help me in multitasking :( ; however women are genetically programed to multitask, WAIT A MINUTE… THAT IS A WRONG STATEMENT!!  women are socially and culturally required to multitask  !


I have always complained of how the feminist revolution has backfired on us. Women, please, do not get me wrong; I do appreciate the fact that now we can vote, access to education, work outside of our homes and many more rights that we have won. 

I feel like women have increased their work load and the society expect way tooo much from us (women are mothers, wives, housekeepers ,gatekeepers, caregivers, professionals and still need to look forever fit,young and beautiful).

Women have been holding  careers and jobs in many fields as men, but women are  still being paid less than men and have increased their cardiovascular disease rate ( wonder why? lifestyle+ stress + never taking care of ourselves= heart disease and many more other diseases).



  • Multitasking is not doing good to anyone, neither at professional level and/or personal level.
  • Women have won some freedom, but still get less salary and even worst, women are still expected to perform their “female role/tasks”  at home.

Infographics: Education + Stable Job= Living Longer with a better quality of life.

I will never get tired of saying education….education….education is the key for almost everything! I am sorry if I talk to much about education and health, I just can’t help it!!!

It is important for students that plan to be professors to see the impact of their teaching in their students. Professors have many responsibilities,  but also have a social duty : creation of a better society.

According with The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, education is important not just to get a better and stable job, but also to live a longer and healthier life


It is not a surprise to see that a higher educated person has a higher salary and also a better health and quality of life, it is like a domino effect (although someone can perfectly argue that no all people with Masters or PhD degree get a good job).


What is going to happen with people with lower education and lower access to health care?.  According with The Kaiser Commission on Medicaid and the Uninsured Report and an Urban Institute Report ;  lower income people have been dealing with a higher burden, paying with most of their resources to be able to access to health care, more info here.

If you want to read the brief of the reports, click on their names: How Does Employment
 or Unemployment Affect Health?  & Why Does Education Matter So Much to Health?


Higher Education and Economy

Access to education is a global problem, in developing countries getting K-12 education is still an issue while in most places of U.S is not. More information about “Higher Education in the Developing World” here.


Which is the root cause for U.S ranking in 12th percentile while compared with other countries? Many things come to the table such as : motivation, family support and economy.

Higher education at international level offers a higher degree of difficulty. Developing countries have very few public universities, therefore either you have a very high placement  and/or standardize score test to get into public universities or have money to pay a private one. Unfortunately, this same situation is suffered by some people in U.S, something that is not expected in an industrialized country with so many community colleges and state universities.

Education is important to keep and/or improve the quality of life and status in a society. In a capitalist country as U.S education plays a bigger role in the economy, if we know that why our school funding looks like this?:




More about PBL

“You can forget facts but you can not forget  understanding”

                                             ~Professor Eric Mazur

As Professor Mazur said : “it is about understanding”. PBL It is about understanding and enhancing skills and it also brings another dimension to the teaching/learning environment, besides challenging the traditional way of teaching/learning , it increase the amount of work for both educator and student, BUT, if we are trying to get  our students ready for real world issues ,I still think that it is worth it to use it, as we all know, we need to teach and train our students to use their facts, no just to memorize them.


PBL , as everything new,  has some benefits and risks  for students, educators and institutions, I still feel that the advantages and applications of PBL (in almost every field)  outweigh the risks ( students lacking of prior PBL  experiences )will help to create a more interdisciplinary and diverse educational environment  that will prepare students for an interdisciplinary and diverse world.

Other advantage of PBL is that it can be use  as early as elementary school level (see video below)


International Higher Education

Higher Education is different in different countries, religion, gender, economic position and political ideologies play a role and determine who gets it ,  and where – when education is given.

In El Salvador, higher education is public (small % of population get access) and private (only people that can afford it have access to it).

According with The U21 ranking of national higher education systems 2012  report , US has been ranked as the highest in higher education  system in terms of resources, environment, connectivity and output , if US has been ranked so high in those criteria, why it is still ranking low in the other ones?


Can we think that achievement has a direct relationship with economy?


Can we also think that we are investing more in sports? 


Research (journals) about international higher ed can be found here .