This project was my first time working with clay and while there are many things I wish I could revise, the experience has taught me a lot about the material and the process.

The prompt was to design and produce a set of 16 tiles using certain forming methods (adding clay, subtracting clay, or deforming the clay). Starting with a clay or 3D printed model of the positive that was desired, a plaster mold was then cast around the design and set to dry for about a week. After the plaster was fully dry, clay could be pressed into the mold and left under a lamp for about 2 hours at a time until the edges of the clay had separated from the mold. Next, the tiles were knocked out of the mold and cleaned up before they were set on wood to dry for a while before firing them in the kiln.

These are the two posters and the final products of my tiles.


Tile Technical Drawing PDF

Tiles Essence Board PDF


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