This semester has prompted us with many new challenges, one of them being generating computer renders. While many of my peers seem proficient and have improved their skills greatly from the beginning of the semester, I still struggle when it comes to little things such as adding light to a render. If you’re like me, fear no more! Earlier this month, I looked into web tutorials that would take the process step-by-step and not just show a YouTube video. There is a website that has many tutorials to choose from depending on what you’re trying to do in a project. They range from lighting a render on the inside to how others created renders of real life places/objects. I found the lighting one to be the most useful for my need because it allowed me to download a file to then edit according to their directions. Obviously, if you feel confident in what you’re doing, keep on using those skills…but if you’re like me and need a little “sit-down” tutorial, this is perfect!