Beauty is everlasting.

It is timeless and only serves to bring joy.

Beauty is the only word that has a definition that can transfer into any situation, object, lesson, or industry.

Beauty is confusing. Full of flaws and mistakes that all stitch together to make something seemingly “perfect”.

Beauty causes problems. Beauty causes chaos. Beauty causes jealousy. Madness. Desire. Dedication.

Beauty is order, design, originality, and function…a way of living.

Throughout history, the human race has found beauty in almost anything…especially architecture and design. From building structures to their interiors, beauty plays an important role in the mood, tone, and functionality of the space.

Who wants to sit in a room with concrete walls? Uniquely ‘decorated’ like all the other buildings with rows of brick upon brick upon brick?

No color? No comfort? Nothing to get your brain thinking?

Many people, myself included, find a sense of peace and relaxation in a “beautiful” building, space, or room. It creates a sense of wonder AND safety. A beautiful room can turn a bad day into a good day, a good day into a great day, and great day into a fabulous day, and so on..all because of the sense with which you perceive your surroundings.

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