Presentations and Seminars

1. Fynn I.E.M. Pond aquaculture spatial distribution, production and productivity determinants in Ghana. Poster presented at the OGIS GIS Symposium, Virginia Tech, Virginia (April 2016)

2. Fynn I.E.M. and E.A. Frimpong. Estimating the actual and potential production capacity of aquaculture ponds in Ghana. Paper presented at the Aquaculture America Conference, Seattle, Washington (February 2014).

3. Fynn I.E.M., Ansah Y.B., Frimpong E.A., Adjei-Boateng and S. Amisah. 2013. Direct and indirect effects of management practices on pond water quality and growth of Nile Tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus. Paper presented at the World Aquaculture Society Meeting, Nashville, Tennessee (February 2013).