Iris is a PhD student in the Geospatial and Environmental Analysis program in Virginia Tech. My focus is on using remotely sensed data as well as spatial technologies to solve environmental problems. My ultimate goal is to serve as a  faculty member and professor in a local university in Ghana, where I come from.

I grew up in the southern part of Ghana and had my basic education through to my first degree in the country. I moved to the United States to pursue a Master’s degree in Virginia Tech, where I am currently enrolled as a doctoral student.

My passions include singing on top of my voice, although I can’t sing to save my life and dancing. My biggest passion however is eating since I believe good food heals the soul. I enjoy writing tremendously and will go over and beyond to secure a good read to end the perfect night.

The only reason I want to be a professor is to serve as a voice of reason for young adults and be the order, in their otherwise, chaotic world.