The Swiss march begins…

I will start by saying that I defended my dissertation less than 2 weeks before the Zurich trip which makes me a doctor now!! That’s where the excitement before the trip ends because after the first two days post my defense which I spent dancing and sleeping, the remaining days were spent making revisions to my dissertation and submitting it.

After submission, which I believed would bring relief and some excitement towards the Zurich trip, I became anxious and near crazy, waking up from dreams involving my committee members not approving my ETD. I’m so silly! Unfortunately for me, the last member of my committee to sign off on my ETD did so on the eve of travel which left me with very few hours to get excited about the travel.

But alas! I was approved by all the committee members which means I really get to enjoy the trip! Deb and Brad were set to come for me the next morning to DC so I spent the last few hours in Blacksburg packing and getting my room ready in case I got a sublease for the room during the summer. It is therefore with no little wonder that I packed a giant lotion that was seized by the TSA before I even got out of DC. Still Europe, here I come……


Thanks for talking about it. In fact, I had a similar situation and I was also worried that I might not succeed, although I understand that I know this information for sure, but still the nerves made themselves felt during this period. I’m glad that everything turned out the best for you. noritz I hope that such dreams will no longer visit you and you continue to sleep peacefully.

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