Slave trade in Libya

I am saddened by what is happening in Libya…my heart is so heavy after looking at the videos circulating on social media. Humans treating fellow humans like dogs all for wealth. To think that Libyans are Africans too, forces me to bow my head in shame. I had heard about Arab Africans with their long hair and fairer skin, disowning their African citizenship because they are not as black as other Africans. As ridiculous as that sounds, the rest of Africa really has not cared about them either, going on about their normal merry making and every day hustle as if most of North Africa is not part of Africa.

This old aged absurdity has taken on a different meaning for me as I watch the happenings in Libya right now. For a colored person to think that dark skin is mediocre and therefore treat people with dark skin as if they were animals, is beyond absurdity, descending into plain evil. What would cause a human being to think of another human as less of a human because of their skin color and therefore treat them so badly? I have seen videos of Libyan soldiers cut off black heads and whip black men and women with such rage that I question their mental states.

What saddens me the most is that these people are not forced to go to Libya. Yes, some of them are tricked by misinforming them of their departure to Europe, but there are still some of them who are there because they believe they are better off in such harsh conditions and die trying in these conditions than going back to their homes and to their families where they will be idle with no employment.

It is sad that in this century, African governments fold their hands and rather foster corruption and injustice rather instead of aiding in their country’s development. It is beyond disgraceful that young men and women are so hopeless in their birth countries and among their families that they are willing to risk their lives in order to get out of their countries to the west, where they believe, they will find sources of income.

It will take a generation or two of very selfless individuals in Africa who are ready to sacrifice their individual present comfort for the comfort of the next generation. I am hoping against hope that my generation of African leaders will be less self gratifying and work hard to make Africa what it should be: a beautiful continent with lots of natural resources and endless potential! I hope that my generation does not let the next generation of Africans down…