My first encounter with an American police….

I have been in and out of America for 5 years now, started driving about 3 years ago and have never had an encounter with a policeman. I will describe myself as a very law abiding person and now with the recent trends in black men and policemen tragedies, I try to go at least 10miles below the speed limit….yes, I am one of those grandmothers on the road!

My vehicle registration expired last month and I was very oblivious to it and so, I found myself being followed by a policeman. I stopped while he parked very closely to my behind. What I was shocked at, was my reaction! I was terrified! I couldn’t talk without crying!! Because, I thought I was going to die!

I held on to the steering wheel so tightly. When the policeman asked for my license, I completely forgot where it was because I kept on looking at his hand movements to ensure that he was not reaching for his gun. Eventually, I remembered that my license was hanging on my key holder which was still in my ignition… After I had handed that over to him, he asked for my vehicle registration document and that is when I burst into tears.

I knew I was going to die for sure! My registration document was in my glove compartment and I took it as a ploy to get me killed. At that moment, I felt that this white policeman just needed an excuse to shoot me. I told him in between tears that my document was in there and so, he can just go ahead and shoot me, only after I have called my family in Ghana to come for my body because I preferred to be buried on African soil.

It is so easy for black people who are thriving in America to sweep issues of stereotyping and race under the carpet. It is very easy for white people to think that only a few white people are actually racists but the majority of them are not. It is so easy for Americans to think they are the epitome of the free world. Until, they spend a day in the shoes of the oppressed or under privileged…