The University’s Future

To ensure active learning, the first thing I want to see changed in higher education is the adoption of self-guided instruction. This approach allows students to set their own pace, different from the traditional lecturing-assignment-class procedure. Students go to classes when they want to, influenced by the topics they are most interested in, and go out of their way to find materials that enlighten them on the subject of their interest. The lecturer can only make suggestions but the student has the final say on what books he or she reads to ensure that they get the necessary information.

With the increasing usage of social media platforms all around the globe, I will like to see some schools, especially schools in the west that engage in distance learning to use every day social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. It will be interesting to see how much more students learn, given the fact that their required course work as well as the research of their professors are all on social media platforms where they normally go only to be entertained.

I will also like to see more emphasis on job skills rather than the traditional theoretic way of teaching and learning. Employers are looking for employees that already have the skills needed at the job site, more so than they need employees with the theoretical know-how but no hands on technical experience. I will like to see higher education focus more on equipping students with skills that they will need at the job site, rather than book knowledge.

I also want to see higher education that has more graduate teaching assistants and visiting scholars from the job field, taking on more of the teaching responsibilities rather than tenured professors. Graduate teaching assistants and people that are still in the job industry, have the current field knowledge as well as the technical know-how to better inform students, compared to tenured professors who have more experience in research and technical writing. Although tenured professors have a role to play in higher education, I would most prefer graduate teaching assistants and visiting scholars from the industry to teach students.

The last thing I want to see changed in higher education is a better relationship between students and faculty. I want to see students become more comfortable in approaching their lecturers and telling them about their fears and concerns as well as their real interests. This can only be achieved if the barrier between lecturers and students is completely eradicated through counseling and increased social life that evolves around both students and faculty.

Innovation in Higher Education

Below is an infographic showing the reaction to faculty in higher education to social media attacks and responses


When an app, Yik Yak, was introduced on certain campuses to allow anonymous opinions, the attached infographic below is a representation of the reactions of faculty and students.