Visions Of The Possible

Many grand challenges and extraordinary opportunities have already emerged in the digital age. Many more are on the way.

All of these challenges will involve computers. All will involve learning. All will involve collaboration. And as the diagram below indicates, these challenges also represent tremendous economic opportunities.

“Envisioning the Future of Computing Research,” Communications of the ACM, August, 2008.

Such opportunities emerge from a complex web of change, as the following presentation makes abundantly clear.

[slideshare id=7777763&doc=midkiffit-task-force2011-02-11-110429094619-phpapp02]

These connections yield great complexity, but they also suggest that progress can begin along many vectors and in a highly organic, emergent fashion. What follows in this section are “visions of the possible” that emerge from, and aim to address, these challenges and opportunities.


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