Vice-Presidential Welcomes

We cordially invite you to explore this site and consider the results of Virginia Tech’s Task Force on Instructional Technology.  The Task Force was charged with developing a vision plan on the best use of instructional technology at Virginia Tech in the next decade and beyond.  In keeping with their charge, the task force convened meetings between January and May 2011, hearing presentations and engaging in discussions about the future for instructional technology at large.  In particular, we asked the task force to envision what Virginia Tech might look like in 2020 in order to realize the possibilities for instructional technology to benefit learning.

There is a wealth of information on this site that may serve as a resource for thinking, discussion, planning, and action.   There is also room for comment and continued dialogue on the task force’s vision of instructional technology in higher education and at Virginia Tech.   This website is a dynamic outcome of the task force’s work and we hope you will join the conversation and ongoing activities.

Earving L. Blythe
Vice President for Information Technology and CIO

Daniel A. Wubah
Vice President and Dean for Undergraduate Education


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