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Learning Environments

The Skinner Box is an ideal learning environment–for certain kinds of learning: It’s safe to say that liberal learning, complex critical thinking, innovation, indeed all the higher-order thinking skills vital to the 21st century, are not well served by the … Continue reading

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From Instruction Manuals to Collaborative Course Resources: The Future of E-Textbooks

What publishers typically call “eTexts” in 2011 do not radically reimagine the idea of an interactive learning resource. We need to move toward the untapped potential for course-based learning resources to foster students’ abilities to be more “knowledge-able” (to move … Continue reading

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The Case For Change

We are living in the middle of the largest increase in expressive capability in the history of the human race. –Clay Shirky, Here Comes Everybody: The Power Of Organizing Without Organizations (2008) My personal view is we are observing the early … Continue reading

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Visions Of The Possible

Many grand challenges and extraordinary opportunities have already emerged in the digital age. Many more are on the way. All of these challenges will involve computers. All will involve learning. All will involve collaboration. And as the diagram below indicates, … Continue reading

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The Case For Digital Citizenship

To understand is to invent. –Jean Piaget We rightly think of citizenship in terms of nations, but there’s a deeper meaning that’s especially important in our interconnected, global, digital world. The citizen is the one who enjoys the privileges and … Continue reading

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Awakening The Digital Imagination

[Education] ought to teach and reward initiative, curiosity, the habit of self-motivation, intellectual involvement…. Educators and computer enthusiasts tend to agree on these goals. But what happens? Many of the inhumanities of the existing system, no less wrong for being … Continue reading

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