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Learning Environments

The Skinner Box is an ideal learning environment–for certain kinds of learning: It’s safe to say that liberal learning, complex critical thinking, innovation, indeed all the higher-order thinking skills vital to the 21st century, are not well served by the … Continue reading

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Analytic Futures

Futures Scenario: An Office of Academic Assessment Report from 2020   Our understanding of meaningful measures of learning transformed rapidly in the years following the Learning Technology Task Force work conducted in early 2011. This led to advances in pedagogy … Continue reading

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Learning And Technology: Further Resources

1989 University Task Force Report (Digital Technology)   [slideshare id=7753307&doc=1989univ-taskforcereportdigitaltechnology-110427104639-phpapp02] 2011 Horizon Report (descriptive and predictive timetable for uses of emerging technology in higher education) 2020 Teachers 6 Top Ten Tech Trends on the Horizon for Higher Education, The Chronicle … Continue reading

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“Innovation College”: A Magical Incubator for VT

MIT’s Building 20, built in 1943, was called the “Magical Incubator” because over the course of its long history it housed a range of laboratories involved in some of the most important and ground-breaking developments in science and technology, from … Continue reading

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2020 Learning Outcomes

All VT graduates should achieve broad learning outcomes that support the evolution of careers and citizenry in the 21st century that are integrated with their disciplinary (and related multi- /cross- /trans-disciplinary) knowledge acquisition/production; these would, at a minimum include: critically … Continue reading

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Smart Assessment & Learning Analytics

Imagine this as a university campus. Imagine this is what we could do with our data. Can we build this at VT? Can we foster an interdisciplinary “meeting of the minds”: instructional design, learning technologies, brain science, education, psychology, computer … Continue reading

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Learners and Agency

“Are we teaching in a way that is going to create the types of students who can harness and leverage this new media environment, or are we failing our students?” –Dr. Michael Wesch, Associate Professor of Cultural Anthropology, Kansas State … Continue reading

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The Case For Digital Citizenship

To understand is to invent. –Jean Piaget We rightly think of citizenship in terms of nations, but there’s a deeper meaning that’s especially important in our interconnected, global, digital world. The citizen is the one who enjoys the privileges and … Continue reading

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