Scenarios From The Future

Virginia Tech will, and should, look very different in 2020. Yet we have learned from William Gibson that “the future is already here–it’s just not evenly distributed.” Thus this section of “Invent The Future: VT2020” ranges widely over narratives and questions that reflect past, present, and future.

Some questions take on new life in a digital age. For example, how do we foster both individual skills and collaborations that result in innovation? As Steven Johnson says, “Chance favors the connected mind.”

How do we create learning environments with the kind of pedagogy that helps individual learners thrive (and master competencies and skills) as they also learn how to collaborate and collectively innovate?

On the topic of fostering creativity and innovative thinking, below is Sir Ken Robinson’s  TED Talk on how much of what we do in education tends to destroy creative problem-solving. Even though this talk is focused implicitly on K-12, the paradigm shift he calls for is relevant to higher education as well.

Good ideas. Creativity. Innovation. Mastery. The scenarios from the future in the drop-down menu to the side explore some stories in which these goals help VT “invent the future.”

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