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In the Loop will  collect and disseminate, trans-departmentally, University Libraries information about emerging initiatives and ongoing projects; subsequently, we will gather feedback and respond to that feedback. In the Loop exists for each and every employee of University Libraries, and, overall, its purpose is to attempt to improve communication and to supplement at a grassroots level existing communication efforts.  We hope, too, that your participation in In the Loop  highlights individual roles, interests, concerns, and talents, and in doing so cultivates a stronger sense of community and makes more readily apparent the interconnectedness of  each individual in our community.

Communication is central to, and increasingly important in, the globalized world, and almost all  communities struggle with and could use some improvement when it comes to communicating better. As we know well from previous work climate studies and from water-cooler talk, colleagues within University Libraries have time and again expressed the need for better communication. The rapid changes experienced over the last year underscore such expressions. Consequently, this blog was conceived of and born of a purely voluntary, grassroots effort to “do our part” in helping to make such improvements.

The group of volunteer bloggers believe that communication is not the just the “top-down” job of deans and directors; instead, the responsibility of ethical communication belongs to us all, both in terms of transmitting and consuming information, and in fostering an environment where feedback regarding that information is encouraged. Further, developing a global, or systems perspective, of our organization is imperative. As we attempt to understand organizational priorities, or why particular decisions are made or particular paths are taken within any given unit, seeing “the big picture” or learning about the whole organization often provides clarity. Thus, we have attempted to find, and will accept in the future, volunteers from all University Libraries departments and other  working groups.

In the Loop is an evolving communication tool, and we are always open to your comments and suggestions regarding its development and improvement.





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