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Breads and Summer Drinks–Where’s the Connection?

This week, we’re featuring another item with some summer treats…and some raised breads? While this may seem an unlikely combination at first, these two categories do have something in common: yeast. Or, the particular case of this corporate pamphlet, Fleishmann’s Yeast… This pamphlet dates to about 1915, but by then, the Fleishmann Company was well […] Continue reading

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“An Ideal Home”: A Scrapbook Guide to Setting Up Roots

Last December, we found a catalog description that intrigued us. When the item arrived, it was better than we imagined. A scrapbook filled with cut out images from newspapers and magazines, depicting everything you might need to get started as a new homemaker. This scrapbook, wonderful as it is, reflects one of the challenges for […] Continue reading

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Summon usage

Summon usage has increase over 45% over last year.  This can be attributed to several things: more visibility on the website (such as the tab on the home page), better integration in the instruction program (especially at the freshman level), improvements to the interface (better direct linking and bypassing Get VText for full text), and an increase in the content indexed (we have emphasized ebooks and reference sources).

Summon usage (PDF | 711KB)

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Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Company

The Culinary Pamphlet Collection (Ms2011-002) is something we’ve talked about on the blog before. With publications from more than 125 companies, it includes a variety of materials: how-to booklets, recipes, advertisements, diet and nutrition plans, and more. The week, we’re taking a closer look at the folder for Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Company. It currently […] Continue reading

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