Suspected Hacker from 2012 LinkedIn Data Leak Arrested

Earlier this month Czech police arrested a Russian man, known as Yevgeniy Nikulin, in Prague suspected of various cyber hacks in the United States including the 2012 LinkedIn’s data leak.

This one was very interesting because as far as I could tell, Yevgeniy committed no crimes in or against Czech Republic yet the Czech police were still working with the FBI through Interpol.

Interpol is an international criminal police organization that facilities communication between law enforcement in different countries and makes it easier to overcome language or cultural barriers to more effectively capture criminals. Among other things, Interpol keeps a list of internationally wanted criminals. Yevgeniy was posted on the Interpol website.

Currently, Yevgeniy is still in Prague awaiting a decision from the Prague Municipal Court on whether or not they should extradite him to the United States. What is especially interesting about this is the responses from Russian leadership/administration:

Russian foreign ministry official, Konstantin Dolgov: “[We] will be insisting that he is not extradited to the U.S.”

Russian Embassy in Prague: “[We are] taking every effort to protect the interests of the Russian citizen. We’re working with his lawyer. Russia does not recognize the practice of extraterritorial jurisdiction that the United States is imposing throughout the world.”

Not quite an admission and not quite a denial. Nonetheless, it’s very interesting (but not surprising) seeing two world powers disagree with each other like this. I look forward to the extradition decision the Prague court will make.

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