ICANN – Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers

Major companies like Facebook, Google and Twitter want Congress to support US government (US Department of Commerce mainly) plans to hand off the internet’s technical management to the global community. Some politicians in Congress, notably Ted Cruz, want to block the transition because of the potential for authoritarian governments to hold back the internet’s progress and infringe on American freedoms.

First, I support the transition. I don’t like the idea of the United States being the Internet gatekeeper and having relatively much stronger influence over the global Internet compared to other countries.

Second, ICANN is going to govern IP delegation and top level domains. I don’t see what major affect those things could have on the internet infrastructure.

Third, it might not even matter a whole lot. The US will likely have pretty great influence over ICANN anyways. Besides that, the US has historically proven very adept at strong-arming other countries and organizations into acting in US favorable ways. So if ICANN ever actually became a “problem” the US will find a way to deal with it.

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