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Edition 38 | January 2021


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Latest news

In this section, you will find the latest news about the Interfaith Initiative at Virginia Tech.
         Photo: Christina Franusich / VT
Finding community through interfaith initiatives | A student’s perspective

“With interfaith, we are able to set aside our own prejudices, assumptions, and beliefs for a moment as we engage in civil dialogue with one another.” Our valued student leader Michelle Morris shared her experience in the Virginia Tech Hokie Family Newsletter this month, click to read the full article.


     Photos: Luke Williams / VT
Presenting Interfaith Initiatives in the VT Advancing Diversity Summit

Our program director Dr. Najla Mouchrek presented on the interfaith initiatives for students, faculty, staff, and community members at the 2021 Advancing Diversity Summit. The video brings a comprehensive introduction to the interfaith program at VT and invites the whole community to engage.


Why interfaith?

Here we share articles about the importance of investing in interfaith dialogue and cooperation in contemporary society.
      Image: Common Ground
Statement of Beliefs | Common Ground Interfaith Leaders at Virginia Tech

Interfaith leaders work to promote dialogue and relationships among people from diverse worldviews. Students in the inaugural cohort of our Common Ground Interfaith Leadership completed their year-long training. Watch their powerful and thoughtful Statement of Beliefs.


Learning about diverse traditions

Appreciative knowledge is an important part in the interfaith triangle. In this section, we share information to expand our religious, spiritual, and secular literacy, featuring different traditions/worldviews every week.
    Image: Religion for Breakfast
What is Shinto?

In this video, watch the Religion for Breakfast take on an introduction to Shinto, which some call the indigenous Japanese religion. What is it Shinto about? What are kami? And how do people practice it? The video is co-written by Dr. Andrew Mark Henry, scholar of religious studies, and Kaitlyn Ugoretz, scholar of Japanese religion and new media.


Diverse ways to live and to find meaning in life

Here, we share stories about how people find different ways to find meaning and purpose in their lives.Here, we share stories about how people find different ways to find meaning and purpose in their lives.
      Photo: Religion News Service (courtesy of ACPC)
Report finds nonreligious people face stigma and discrimination

In this article published by Religion News Service, read about the study “Reality Check: Being Nonreligious in America”, which found that nonreligious people face discrimination and stigma, conceal their nonreligious identities, and largely see themselves as atheists and humanists.


Engage with the Interfaith Initiative at VT

Participate in interfaith dialogue and cooperation at Virginia Tech. All are welcome, as the interfaith circle includes all religious, non-religious, spiritual, and secular identities.
Spring Interfaith Brown Bag Dialogues for faculty, staff, and community members

Participate in a constructive dialogue about diverse traditions. Join us every other Thursday, 12-1 pm, Feb 4 & 18, Mar 4 & 18, Apr 1 & 15. Click to sign up and attend the sessions, in which you are also welcome to present activities about your tradition.

Spring Interfaith Dialogues for Students

Dialogues with students from diverse traditions will happen over Zoom: every other Wednesday 5:30 to 7 pm, Feb 10 & 24, Mar 10 & 24, Apr 7 & 21. Click to sign up and attend the sessions, in which students are also invited to facilitate dialogues about their worldviews.

Exploring Purpose & Meaning Support Group

A partnership with the Cook Counseling Center, this support group offers a safe space for VT undergrad & grad students to talk about personal experiences and thoughts & explore together questions of purpose and meaning in life. Every other Tuesday 3:30-5 pm, from Feb 2 to Apr 27. Click to register.

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