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Week 28  |  April 14, 2020


Newsletter | Week 28

Latest News

In this section, you will find the latest news about the Interfaith Initiative at Virginia Tech.

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Why interfaith?

Here we share articles about the importance of investing in interfaith dialogue and cooperation in contemporary society.
Inspiring interfaith moments during the coronavirus crisis | Al Arabiya English

The coronavirus pandemic has crossed borders and cultures indiscriminately, affecting people’s lives regardless of their race or religion. While the global crisis has caused much anxiety, it has also inspired moments of interfaith unity.


Learning about diverse traditions

Appreciative knowledge is an important part in the interfaith triangle. In this section, we share information to expand our religious, spiritual, and secular literacy, featuring different traditions/worldviews every week.
Jewish Tradition: Washing Hands

In Jewish tradition, washing your hands is a great responsibility and a mitzvah with a rich history. Read this article from Jackson Ribler, a sophomore student who currently serves as President for the Jewish Student Union of Virginia Tech.


Interfaith Resources

Here, we share resources and content in support of interfaith activities and observances.


Together Playlist

Did you like the music playing at the Interfaith Together Dinner last February? Here we share the dinner’s “Together Playlist”, with many songs from diverse traditions, wishing that they bring you peace, harmony, and joy. Enjoy!

Engage with the Interfaith Initiative at VT

Participate in interfaith dialogue and cooperation at Virginia Tech. All are welcome, as the interfaith circle includes all religious, non-religious, spiritual, and secular identities.
Brown Bag Dialogue: Educators’ Awareness of Worldview Differences (April 23)

Participate in the Interfaith Brown Bag Lunch Online Dialogue on Thursday, April 23, noon to 1 p.m. Open to faculty, staff, students, and community members.

Evening Dialogue Online: The Power of Interfaith Friendships (April 29)
Undergraduate and graduate students:  come participate in dialogues with people from diverse identities! Next date: Wednesday, April 29, 5:30 to 7 pm.

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