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Week 18  |  February 3, 2020


Newsletter | Week 18

Why interfaith?

Here we share articles about the importance of investing in interfaith dialogue and cooperation in contemporary society.


Diana Eck on the difference between pluralism and relativism
Harvard professor of comparative religion,director of Harvard’s Pluralism Project, Diana Eck points to the need for dialogue across religious traditions without resorting to a relativism that denies their profound differences. Watch the short video.

Learning about diverse traditions

Appreciative knowledge is an important part in the interfaith triangle. In this section, we share information to expand our religious, spiritual, and secular literacy, featuring different traditions/worldviews every week.
Coming to Terms with Essential Terms: Vedanta, Yoga, and Dharma
Understanding words like Vedanta and Dharma is difficult on several counts. Ancient words from south Asia, they have infused the religions of the East. The Interfaith Observer offer some basic descriptions to provide a general, lay person’s understanding.

Diverse ways to live and to find meaning in life

Here, we share stories about how people find different ways to find meaning and purpose in their lives.

Being Christian in Interfaith Relationships
Cris Alexander is a Christian pastor participating in an interfaith conversation with Muslims and Jews – she represents a Christian partner congregation within the Tri-Faith Initiative (Omaha, Nebraska). Read this fascinating article in the Interfaith Observer in which she shares her experiences.

Engage with the Interfaith Initiative at VT

Participate in interfaith dialogue and cooperation at Virginia Tech. All are welcome, as the interfaith circle includes all religious, non-religious, spiritual, and secular identities.
Interfaith Brown Bag Lunches – Spring 2020
Participate in a dialogue with people from diverse worldviews. Discussions about world issues through an interfaith lens. Dates: February 6, February 27, March 26, April 23. Time: 12 to 1 pm. Location: Smith Career Center – Meeting Room B. Open the flyer to see the topics for conversation!
Interfaith Evening Dialogues for Students –  Spring 2020
Undergraduate and graduate students:  come participate in dialogues with people from diverse identities! Wednesdays from 5:30 to 7:00 pm – February 5, March 4, April 1, April 29. Open the flyer to see the topics and the location for each dialogue.
Interfaith Together Dinner: You are invited! 
Join us for an event to engage with and celebrate diverse religious, spiritual, and secular worldviews at Virginia Tech. Food from diverse traditions + dialogues + collective art.  Thursday, February 20, 5:30 – 7:00 pm. RSVP at

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