Interfaith Circle

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Week 12  |  Dec,2, 2019

Newsletter | Week 12

Why interfaith?

Here we share articles about the importance of investing in interfaith dialogue and cooperation in contemporary society.

Relinquishing Taboos — The Interfaith Observer
 “Being taught to avoid talking about politics and religion has led to a lack of understanding of politics and religion”. In this article by Miranda Hovemeyer for the Interfaith Observer, read about how today’s youth-led interfaith movement is working to get past those taboos.   

Learning about diverse traditions

Appreciative knowledge is an important part in the interfaith triangle. In this section, we share information to expand our religious, spiritual, and secular literacy, featuring different traditions/worldviews every week.
What’s Up With the Baha’i Tradition?
In this episode of “What’s up with…?”, Hannah travels to the only Baha’i temple in North America to know more about the Baha’i tradition. She ended by having a very interesting experience. Watch the video created by the Interfaith Youth Core. 
Soundscapes of Religion | Christianism: Sacred Harp
This podcast is part of the Interfaith Voices’ award-winning celebration of sacred sound, based on the idea that every faith tradition has its own sonic signature.This week we listen to the strange and beautiful sounds of sacred harp singing, an early form of American church music. There’s no harp in sacred harp singing; it refers to the instrument we all have: the human voice.

Diverse ways to live and to find meaning in life

Here, we share stories about how people find different ways to find meaning and purpose in their lives.

The Chaplain and the Inmates 
Rev. Susan Shannon is a prison interfaith chaplain trained at The Chaplaincy Institute. This compelling story introduces two former San Quentin inmates who talk about their struggles to come to terms with guilt and shame, and how Susan introduced them to a spiritual path that changed their lives. Watch the video.

Interfaith Resources

Here we share resources and content in support of interfaith activities and observances.

Guidelines for Entering Houses of Worship
Although each religious denomination and individual house of worship will have its own rules, there are some general guidelines you can follow to help ensure a pleasant and respectful visit. Find some useful guidance in this article from Tanenbaum.

Engage with the Interfaith Initiative at VT

Participate in interfaith dialogue and cooperation at Virginia Tech. All are welcome, as the interfaith circle includes all religious, non-religious, spiritual, and secular identities.
Interfaith Evening Dialogues | For Students

Students who asked for interfaith dialogue sessions in the evenings and closer to academic buildings, we hear you! Come participate in dialogues with people from diverse identities. Wednesdays from 5:30 to 7:00 pm – Dec 11 – Location: 3310 Torgersen Hall.

Interfaith Dialogues – Brown bag lunch – New Location
Participate in a dialogue with people from diverse worldviews. Discussions about world issues through an interfaith lens. Next date: December 12. Time: 12 to 1 pm. Location: Student Services Building – Room 230.
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