Interfaith Circle

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Week 10  |  Nov 18, 2019

Newsletter | Week 10

Why interfaith?

Here we share articles about the importance of investing in interfaith dialogue and cooperation in contemporary society.

This video created by Interfaith Youth Core (as part of the Interfaith Leadership curriculum) presents some of the different ways people respond to increasing religious diversity (including positive, negative, and apathetic reactions). It also shares a three-step process for transforming diversity into pluralism – the ultimate goal of interfaith leadership.

Learning about diverse traditions

Appreciative knowledge is an important part in the interfaith triangle. In this section, we share information to expand our religious, spiritual, and secular literacy, featuring different traditions/worldviews every week.
This November, Sikhs around the world are celebrating the 550 th birth anniversary of their founder-prophet, Guru Nanak, marking the occasion in diverse ways around the world. Read more in this fascinating article from the Religion News Service.

Diverse ways to live and to find meaning in life

Here, we share stories about how people find different ways to find meaning and purpose in their lives.

“You’ve got to be willing to risk in order to make change. You’ve got to approach differences with the notion that there is good in the other.” Scholar and activist Frances Kissling speaks of goodwill and understanding, rather than agreement or victory, as bridges between difference. Podcast created by Becoming Wise, by On Being Studios.

Interfaith Resources

Here we share resources and content in support of interfaith activities and observances.

In these texts compiled by the Interfaith Youth Core, find insights from several traditions on the shared values of Service, Hospitality, Forgiveness, Alleviating Poverty, and Conservation

Engage with the Interfaith Initiative at VT

Participate in interfaith dialogue and cooperation at Virginia Tech. All are welcome, as the interfaith circle includes all religious, non-religious, spiritual, and secular identities.
Interfaith Evening Dialogues | For Students

Students who asked for interfaith dialogue sessions in the evenings and closer to academic buildings, we hear you! Come participate in dialogues with people from diverse identities. Wednesdays from 5:30 to 7:00 pm – Dec 11 – Location: 3310 Torgersen Hall.

Interfaith Dialogues – Brown bag lunch – New Location
Participate in a dialogue with people from diverse worldviews. Discussions about world issues through an interfaith lens. Next date: December 12. Time: 12 to 1 pm. Location: Student Services Building – Room 230.
Created by Najla Mouchrek, Ph.D.