The Aurora Interfaith Living-Learning Community at Virginia Tech is a community of people— religious, non-religious, spiritual, secular, and seekers— who come together to explore the ways people make meaning and
search for purpose, to connect to one another, and to work for positive action in the world.. (read more).


Transition in Leadership: Words of Gratitude & Hope for the Future. In this article, Dr. Byron Hughes & Dr. Najla Mouchrek address the changes in leadership happening in the Virginia Tech Interfaith Program this Summer & thank the university  community for their presence and participation. Click to follow the process… (read more)


Promoted in a partnership with the Virginia Tech Interfaith Advisory Council and sponsored by a Graduate School Diversity Scholarship and an Interfaith Youth Core Grant, the project “Interfaith, Social Justice, and Arts” aimed to support the advancement of an inclusive environment and foster interfaith and pluralism at Virginia Tech… (read more)


Mohammed Baaoum, interfaith leader at Virginia Tech and PhD candidate in industrial systems engineering, has received the Racial Equity and Interfaith Award from the nonprofit Interfaith Youth Core (IFYC). In support of the movement for racial justice in the United States, IFYC has called for innovative projects exploring … (read more).


The Aurora Interfaith Living Learning Community at Virginia Tech is a community of students — religious, non-religious, spiritual, secular, and seekers — who come together to explore the ways people make meaning and search for purpose, to connect to one another, and to work for positive action in the world. Click to watch the video.

Dr. Najla Mouchrek, Program Director for Interfaith Leadership & Holistic Development at VT, discuss with Dr. Austin Council about the importance of engaging in dialogue about our faith worldview and how doing this can lead to authentic relationship building and common action to solve the world’s most pressing issues. … (listen to the podcast)


“With interfaith, we are able to set aside our own prejudices, assumptions, and beliefs for a moment as we engage in civil dialogue with one another.” Our valued student leader Michelle Morris shared her experience in the Virginia Tech Hokie Family Newsletter this month. Click to read the full article with her perspective (read more).


Our program director Dr. Najla Mouchrek presented on the interfaith initiatives for students, faculty, staff, and community members at the 2021 Advancing Diversity Summit. The video brings a comprehensive introduction to the interfaith program at VT and invites the whole community to engage.


The students writing and signing this statement of beliefs compose the inaugural cohort of Common Ground – Interfaith Leadership Training for undergraduate and graduate students. Part of the Interfaith Program at Virginia Tech and support by a Campus Innovation Grant from IFYC. Interfaith leaders work to promote constructive dialogue and build relationships among people from diverse religious, spiritual, and secular worldviews… (read more)

College is a time for growth. Students learn how to live independently, explore their passions and interests, and discover what kind of person they want to become. And while external opportunities for growth are abundant through organizations and activities, internal growth is also important in college, in careers, and in life. Such exploration of purpose and meaning-making is being fostered by the Interfaith Program … (read more)


One of the four new LLPs for fall 2021 is Aurora, the interfaith LLP, which promotes religious pluralism as a way to help students practice civility and pursue self-understanding and integrity. Students from diverse worldviews living in this community will have curricular and co-curricular experiences with their peers and interact with faculty, providing them opportunities to learn and grow as they engage across lines of difference  … (read more)


The Dean of Students Office at Virginia Tech has been awarded the Campus Innovation Grant from the Interfaith Youth Core (IFYC) to support the university’s interfaith outreach, benefiting diversity and inclusion efforts as well as the holistic well-being of students. The grant award jump-started a campus interfaith effort and initiated a new initiative… (read more)

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