Jon Udell Named VT’s First Distinguished Innovator In Residence (archived)

Jon Udell, author, information architect, software developer, and new media innovator, has been named Virginia Tech’s first Distinguished Innovator in Residence. Udell will give a free public lecture at the Inn at Virginia Tech on Thursday, April 12 at 7 p.m. entitled “Representing the World: how web users become web thinkers and web makers.”

“Udell works to help make technology better serve the needs of society,” Gardner Campbell, director of professional development and innovative initiatives for Learning Technologies, said. “His analysis of industry trends is well informed by his own experiments, as you can see on his blog, Strategies for Internet Citizens. As a thinker, doer, and maker in the world of information and communication technologies, Jon is truly committed to the ideal of the strong, productive communities these technologies can and should empower,” Campbell said.

In his talk, Udell will explore plans and principles that empower those who use the web to be more active web creators. “Knowing something about how web resources are represented and named makes us better users of the web,” Udell said. “But we’re not just users. We’re participants in—and co-creators of—the web. We can invent our own representations for things in our personal and professional lives, and for contexts surrounding those things. And we can name those representations in ways that enable other people to communicate and collaborate with us.”

The Distinguished Innovator in Residence is a joint program between Learning Technologies and the University Libraries that brings great thinkers and leaders in the world of technological innovation to Virginia Tech. During his residency, Udell will visit classes, student groups, professors, and other units on campus to brainstorm and consult on a variety of topics.

“We are excited to partner with Learning Technologies to support the Distinguished Innovator in Residence program,” Tyler Walters, dean of Virginia Tech Libraries, said. “By connecting the great work here with eminent people in the world of technology, we can learn from their expertise and share the exciting advancements happening at Virginia Tech.”

Jon Udell’s public lecture will be held in the Alumni Assembly Hall at the Inn at Virginia Tech. For more information about the lecture, please contact Gardner Campbell at 540-231-8053 or email gardner.campbell AT (substitute @ for AT).

Learning Technologies at Virginia Tech seeks to create and support robust environments for learning, discovery, and engagement for faculty and students that are grounded in sound principles of learning, and in a thorough knowledge of integrating technology for effectiveness and efficiency of effort.

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Jon Udell’s Schedule at Virginia Tech:

WEDNESDAY, April 11, 2012:  Meetings and Activities

8:00 Breakfast with reps from Learning Technologies

9:30 University Relations Web Communications leaders

10:30 Associate VP for Learning Technologies

11:30 Lunch with Dean of Undergraduate Studies

12:45 Associate Dean, College of Science (Integrated Science program)

2:00 General meeting, Learning Technologies

3:00-4:00 Open

4:00 New Media Faculty-Staff Development Seminar (Learning Technologies)

5:30-7:00 Dinner

7:00 Graduate Education Development Initiative

THURSDAY, April 12, 2012: Meetings and Activities

9:30 Teach UH 4984/GRAD 5984. “From Memex to YouTube: Cognition, Learning, and the Internet”

11:00 Teach “Internet Law and Policy”

12:30-3:00 Lunch and meetings with Newman Library staff

3:00-4:00 Open

4:00 Visit TechPad, meet with VT Entrepreneurialism Club members

5:00 Dinner, rest before lecture

7:00 Public lecture: “Representing the world: How web users become web thinkers and web makers.” Alumni Assembly Room, The Inn at Virginia Tech

FRIDAY 13 April Meetings and Activities

9:00 Meet with Dean of Libraries

10:00 Meet with Dean of Graduate Studies

11:00 Open

12:00 Lunch with Living-Learning committee

2:00 Open

3:00 Principals’ Tea, Honors College

SATURDAY 14 April Meetings and Activities

9:30 Community Information Management Seminar/Workshop (co-sponsored by the Virginia Tech Institute for Policy and Governance and Microsoft)

Noon Visit Concludes

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