• Instruction Learning Community: Round 2!

    Posted on August 29th, 2012 Rebecca No comments

    The Fall 2012 Instruction Learning Community won’t get underway until the end of September, but I couldn’t resist a quick post when I saw that one of the authors of our selection (College Libraries and Student Culture:  What We Now Know) for this semester, Andrew Asher, started a blog on library ethnography, I had to post!

    If you’re interested, his blog is available:  http://www.andrewasher.net/BiblioEthnoHistorioGraphy/

    I’ve also linked it into our syndication, so new posts to his blog will show up in our feed; as we discuss the book this semester via our blog, his posts will also show up–pretty neat!

    I’ll be back soon with more about this semester’s learning community!