Learning Python

So for the past couple of weeks in class we have been learning about python, using a textbook called “Learn Python the hard way.” The basic idea behind the book is to get you to simply type up all of the code, and THEN turn around and figure out what it does. While it does take a while to do, I really like this style of learning. It forces you to memorize syntax etc. by repetition. I normally have a really hard time switching between languages because I don’t remember the syntax very well. Repeatedly typing these little programs has helped alot with learning Python though.

Our last two homeworks were python programs. The first one was pretty easy and the second one was conceptually easy, but I ended up having a hard time working with argparse. I feel like it is something that should have been easy, but I had trouble with it. I finally got most of it to work. In the future I’ll try and allow myself more time so I can read up on things that are unfamiliar to me.

Overall though I’m really liking Python –It’s a powerful and fun language.

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