Unix Command School

Disclaimer: This was supposed to be posted last week. Forgot to finish it. Woops.

This week in Intro to Unix, we were given a table with our names in it and each person was given a letter. Another table had a list of commands and each person had to learn the commands in the column that corresponded to their letter in the previous table. Then when we came to class we all got into groups where each person in the group had one of the letters and we all shared with each other the commands that we had learned.

I think in theory this excercise would have worked really well. It was nice that we got to focus on a select few of all the commands in the list. However, we didn’t really have enough time in class to share our commands with each other in an efficient way. Our group decided to make a Google doc and each put our commands on there with descriptions of what the command does and what flags might go with it. I think that worked pretty well, as we can all now go and print off a convenient table of the commands we were supposed to learn with the descriptions.

I personally think that the best way to learn to commands is simply to practice with them. It’s harder for me to visualize and think about commands, then it is for me to learn by doing. Plus typing them over and over helps get them ingrained in your mind.

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