The Influence of VEGF-A Signaling on Beta-Cell Regeneration, by Tracee Popielarczyk

“Our journal club discussions have revolved around the current management, treatment, and cures for diabetes and potential regenerative medicine strategies; however, much is still unknown about the underlying processes and signaling mechanisms involved in pancreatic development and its role in this disease. It is known that β-cells exhibit a low regenerative capacity, making the molecular […]

MIT’s develops Nanogel that can secret insulin-Posted by Andre Stevenson

Came across this article (below and link) a few days about regarding nanogels that can secrete insulin…I know we’ve moved on…but the concept can definitely apply to other areas as well… Link: Nanotechnology could help fight diabetes Injectable nanogel can monitor blood-sugar levels and secrete insulin when needed. Anne Trafton, MIT News Office                         May 16, […]

Is death a disease or not? Miranda Vieson discusses, “The Bioethics of Regenerative Medicine” – Chapter 10

“I stumbled across a book while searching for a topic to write about and found it to be extremely relevant to our discussions in IGEP regarding regenerative medicine.  We’re striving to understand all the different angles of regenerative medicine in addition to the science, which is something I think is important in standing behind what […]