New GRAD 5134 Student Users

It’s been an exciting week in our first week of Fall 2015’s GRAD 5135: Regenerative Medicine: Science & Society. We oriented ourselves by talking about course and program goals, about the hope and the media hype of the field, as well as thinking through public perceptions and reactions that some of us get when we tell people what we work on. This coming week, we are lucky to have two former 5134 students and program participants come to help along those of us in the class who are less familiar with the biology basics of this field, and then we will have a visit from the Graduate School’s Karen DePauw, who started the IGEP program. She’ll be telling us about her vision for the program, and we’ll have a broader discussion about interdisciplinarity with her.


While there is no prompt for reply for students this week, please take the time to comment on this post if you are a student who has been newly added as a contributor for this site. I want to make sure everything is working well! Thanks from Ashley.


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