Wine Racks & Curvilinear Solutions

Underage drinking aside, as I was scrolling through Core77’s feed, I came across to these curvilinear wine racks that are closely related to the forms that we have been looking at during class. Although we are going for a more abstract approach, I think these forms with a purpose are great for inspiration and a start point.

My personal favorite from the post was a rack designed by Snapp Design called Engage Wine Rack. It is modular, simple and almost making an adult activity very childish.

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“The Engage wine rack from Snapp Design is a modular rack that’s even simpler to put together, as each of the individual pods has embedded magnets. While components can be placed at 90-degree angles, it’s usually going to be more practical to stack them all in the same direction. One concern: It doesn’t look as though this rack will hold Champagne-size bottles.”


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“Another wine rack from 21st Livingart, designed by CrousCalogero is another modular solution to hold your evening beverage.  It’s made from rotational molding plastic.”










“The Otto wine rack from Delica, designed by Ramírez i Carrillo, has a certain degree of modularity, but nothing like the previous designs. While these racks can certainly be stacked, they seem most appropriate for an end user who wants an attractive way to store and display six to 12 bottles and who doesn’t need a space-efficient design for that limited collection. (Yet again, this may not be the rack for someone with larger bottles, such as those used for Champagne.)”
















“The Marcel wine storage cone from Sebastian Bergne was machined from a solid block of Portuguese limestone. A design like this would need to be made from a material heavy enough to prevent tipping problems if the bottles weren’t well balanced, because end users won’t always be that careful about bottle placement. ”

There are a bunch of other designs listed on the website but I choose these specifically because they are related to our current topic of curvilinear forms and shapes. If you are willing to see more of these cool designs, please visit :


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