Hamburgers and Dead Wax

After our classes talk about blogging, and Dr. C’s banter towards hamburgers and dead way, I looked through my records.  I only have two “Wally’s;”  Urban Cowboy and Saturday Night Fever were my two gems  As I was looking through my old records I realized a few things.  The more popular the record the more likely it was to have an odd inscription.  Hotel California came to me “With Love from Bill,” and there was something about a duck on Led Zeppelin’s most famous of albums.  I also discovered something about music that has been lost.  There is a beauty and an art to old albums that is lost today.  Even if we look back to our old CD’s there was a booklet, and artwork on the Album.  I mean who doesn’t remember going into the record store with their mom and seeing the Tipper Gore sticker over the baby’s pee pee as he chases after the dollar bill on a fish hook?

Nirvana’s rebellion continues, but could it have been what it was without the hard albums and in your face style music that used to be the record store?  Today I think something is lost in our digital media.  That said, I am also happy with the direction of things.  You can now buy just one song rather than an entire album, and I do not have to show up at a smokey record store and hope some hippy isn’t too stoned to sell me a record.  With itunes I can buy any song I want at any time.  Jim Morrison predicted that music would evolve.  Some say what he was foreseeing is modern Electronic Dance Music. 2-03 Breakn A Sweat is a song by Skrillex that features surviving members of The Doors.  If music is headed in the direction of the computer so is education.  We need to embrace and not be scared of the future.  Just as we should dance when it comes time to break a sweat, and not be scared of the long black haired man making all the noise.  Here is one more youtube video that illustrates my point.

In my past life I managed a Red Robin and served a lot of hamburgers.  I learned a lot about teaching there too.  That is why I thought it was so funny when Dr. C made the reference.  I knew I was the only person in the room who could really relate when he joked about dead wax and hamburgers.  I have already said what I learned finding my “Wally’s” in my stack of old dusty records, and now I will spill a little of what I learned form serving 250,000 hamburgers.

There I learned to embrace change.  I learned everything down to the number of seeds on the buns when I first became a manager.  I was so lost when they changed items.  I was educated the old way and was stuck only knowing what I had memorized.  A pocket sized recipe guide was a part of my uniform, and rather than just learning to use my tool, I learned what was written in one years guide; I was set ways and lost when things changed.  If I had simply taught myself to pull out this book it would have been much easier to accept changes.  I am not sure how to apply this to my teachings, but it is a lesson I learned the hard way, and one I hope to teach to people so they can learn the easy way!

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