That Workout Though…


I don’t look like it but I workout a lot. With a small frame, many people think I’m naturally thin and that typical “skinny girl.” Although I do get my slim figure due to genetics from my parents, I think it’s unfair that it’s okay for people to criticize “skinny” people but it’s a taboo for individuals to call people fat.

I think I’ve been through a lot of experience as an individual when it comes to people’s rude comments and critiques. And truly, I think people make those “shut up you’re skinny” remarks because of their own insecurities and jealousies and personally, that’s not the “skinny” person’s problem but rather the opposition’s. Why is it okay for people to tell slim individuals to go to McDonald’s and eat a Big Mac but it’s not okay for people to tell fat people that they need to get on the treadmill and run 3 miles? The double standard is not fair and I see the flaw in that system and how the society is working around it.

There are variety of sizes when it comes to humans and that’s shown in my group of people I know in Virginia Tech. I’m often scared to share my own criticisms on my body because I know I’ll receive those stereotypical remarks like “shut up. You’re so skinny though.” Although I am that “skinny” girl, I see some needed improvements every time I look at the mirror. It’s not like I’m trying to weight but rather build muscle. Even though I’ve been doing high intensity interval training for a while now, I attempt to achieve more and more. I wished that people would understand my opinions and stop shutting me down because of their own self-image problems and insecurities.

I watch the Biggest Loser everyday just to become inspired by individuals who have reached the lowest low with their obesity and push their limits to become a healthier and fit individuals. There should be more people like the contestants on the Biggest Loser, where people take action to take care of themselves and reach their goals rather than taking their frustration out on others.
Although I complain about the problem, I know it won’t go away overnight. I just wished that people were more considerate when it comes to sensitive topic such as weight and self-image and not just towards obesity but also people who are slim as well.