Pack It Up!


As the semester comes to a close, the first thing you think of is “I’m done with finals!!!!!” So exciting right? That finals week is pretty rough on people. So rough that when I go to the Torg Bridge to study in one of many iMac desks, there are none available so I have to do my work in the quiet floor. WHY DO YOU GUYS DO THAT TO ME?

Anyways, I don’t really panic when finals week comes so my first thought is “I don’t want to pack” when break is near. One of the things I hate the most in the world is packing. Most of my friends actually like packing because they say it “adds to the excitement” for the event they are packing for which is in this case, going home. Well I hate it. Why you ask? Because I just hate it. I don’t like the idea of compacting and decreasing the amount of stuff I need in order to travel or for anything else. High maintenance? No. I’m just lazy when it comes to thinking of how to organize how to pack. I think I’m pretty disciplined since I do the stuff I tell myself to do but when it comes to packing, I procrastinate. And I mean procrastinate really really hard.

This case with packing to go home is the worst for me since I’m moving out of my apartment this semester so I have to pack ALL of my stuff. I’ve been doing a little packing here and there but majority still remains to be waiting to be packed away. Saturday is the deadline and hopefully, I can get it finished. Fingers crossed!

Rant aside, ironically, I don’t mind unpacking. Actually I find unpacking therapeutic since I get to put everything in place where they belong. There is a sense of relief and satisfaction I feel. Mind works differently for everybody I guess. I probably won’t unpack all of my stuff since I’ll be moving into College of William and Mary so until then, I shall be antsy seeing all my stuff in boxes and bags in the corner of the living room. Darn!