I Love the English Department!


Virginia Tech. It may be biased coming from a student, but it is a great school. To add, it has a great English department where I feel just at home every time I visit the building.

As a sophomore now, I have a general idea of how teachers are going to teach from the first couple of days. In my freshmen year, I had to take a lot of first year classes with various social science classes, which were not really what I had in mind when I applied to be an English major in Virginia Tech. Although I knew all schools have these requirements, I felt kind of betrayed and cheated when they threw different social science classes at me when I stepped into campus. I wanted to take English classes dang it!

I eventually just bit my tongue and sucked it up. I signed up for different classes to fulfill the requirements and had mixture of English, math, geosciences, and horticulture. Personally, my schedule looked odd and confusing but it was something I had to do. Now that I look back, I’ve come to appreciate all my English teachers. It seemed to me that a lot of the science or math related classes were dull and the teachers were not as uplifting and personal with the students. Understandably, there were certain classes that had over 300 people and it’s hard to become personal to each of them but I think it would’ve been better for the professor to be spirited at least. Some science professors I had just read through the PowerPoint slides and it resulted in just banal and boring lectures. It’s hard for students to be engaged and be interested in topics they “have” to take when the professors are not encouraging them to be.

However, all of my English professors (and yes I do mean ALL of them) were so passionate and enthusiastic about the subject they were teaching. Once I took a American Literature with a professor as a required course for English majors and I was dreading it the first week. However, the professor was so animated and spunky that he made the topic of discussion more interesting than it really was. He’s a sneak one isn’t he? Hahaha. But it worked. I prefer to observe the class rather than speaking but he subconsciously urged me to speak about my views and opinions on the stories and guess what? I had great discussions. I think it has changed me permanently and from then on, I noticed that I speak out and express my views more in lectures. This experience is basically the same for every English professor I’ve had so far. They push me to learn about the things I’m not particularly interested in and I think that’s a great characteristic to have as a professor in a big college where students just pass through the day with classes they “have” to take. I just want to tell the English department that YOU ARE THE BEST.
I’m not saying that all science or math classes have horrible boring professors but it’s particularly hard to find teachers that really grasp the student’s interest and attention. I’ve had few geography classes that had great interactive professors  who taught me so much about the Earth and they truly did make an impact on my life. So I want to give them a shout out too.
So on that note, keep moving students. There are professors who really care about you!