Something is Off…


On Saturday night, I was studying for my exams. I know it sounds kind of sad but I really want my As for exams so I stayed in rather than hanging out with friends last night. I went to sleep after a night’s hard work hoping to get some rest when during my sleep at 3:30AM, I got texts. When I say texts, I mean sudden overflow of texts at once. Ignoring them, I went back to sleep. Then another segment of continuous texts came an hour later. You can say that I was failing at getting sleep. I finally put my phone on silence and went back to savor the time I have to sleep until my morning workout at 7:30AM.

Then it happened. I heard crackling sounds and woke up at 6AM trying to figure out what the sound was and where it was coming from. I thought maybe it was the people upstairs so I tried ignoring it until the sound came back. I finally realized that it was hailing. I took a glance outside and the ground was covered in white fluff while the hail was hitting against the window next to my bed. To add to my misery in that I couldn’t sleep properly, the apartment temperature was way lower than I expected. As soon as I woke up to check out what was happening, my body was shivering from the chilly house. I dragged my feet to the living room to turn the heater on and rushed back into my covers. It was now 6:45AM and I knew I would not be able to wake up early for my regular workouts today. So, I just dug into my sheets and covers and went to sleep.
When I woke up, it was 9:30AM. I still felt tired but I knew I couldn’t do anything about that. I needed to wake up and start my day, eat breakfast, and initiate studying. So that’s what I did.
However, something felt off. I didn’t feel like my usual self and energized. I just shook it off prepared for my day. I felt tired and began to doze off from the PowerPoint slides I was studying. My eyes shut and I took a nap for an hour. When I awoke, I was confused to why I fell asleep. Why was I confused? It’s because I never take naps. It’s been a while since I fell asleep in the middle of the day.
While attempting to wake myself up, I comprehended why my day is “off” today. I didn’t work out. Due to the chains of unfortunate events that occurred that disrupted my sleeping schedule, I couldn’t work out. It’s weird to realize such thing but that’s what I concluded with.
I think it’s amazing how going off one’s schedule can affect the day and how that day can go. I worked out few hours after and felt much rejuvenated. It was definitely the workout.

What’s your schedule? Is there something in your daily schedule that can disrupt your mood or feelings if not followed through?