Is it Me…? Or is it You?


I’m not a procrastinator. I like to get work done in timely fashion and usually early, just so I can get it over with and have a hint of free time later on.
That being said, I study a lot. A lot as in I clock in at least 30 hours of studying/homework time in the library weekly.
I’m not really a science person. English is my major for many reasons, one being that I don’t want to work with chemicals and equations. However, as usual, colleges make you take first-year classes that are mandatory. Two of them being in the science category. Being not the math and science kind of person in high school, I knew it was going to be another struggle for me in college to get through these classes that I had to dreadfully pick out.

During my freshmen year, I took geology. I know, that’s the most “science” anybody will get from me. It wasn’t too bad but I had to work really hard to maintain an A. I felt as if my major was not the problem but rather these useless required classes. This year as a sophomore, I took geography. I thought that I might as well follow the trend I put myself on and maybe further extend my knowledge about the Earth and the process of nature.

Now I must say that I studied for this geography class like there was no tomorrow. I began studying for exams 2 weeks prior to the exam day so that I can be prepared. However, all my efforts were crushed with a C+. All that work, all that memorization, and all that time spent on absorbing the lecture notes from this geography ended up being useless. The second test, I even went further. I was determined to get an A so I made about 60 flashcards with images, definitions, names, and time frames from the given lectures. Guess what? The same score. Yep. I got another C+.
I was so perplexed and angry after I got the test score. It was just a first level class but I studied so hard for it but ended up with C+. So after, I questioned my studying habits.
My studying skills and habits always worked for other classes in the past so I was confused to why I was receiving lower scores. Was it how I memorized certain things? Was it that I am not looking at all the details in the pictures given in the lectures? Did I not understand it correctly?
The possibilities were endless.
Then, I thought, “Is it my teacher?”
I know, professors have superfluous knowledge of the given subject they teach but does that really make them good “teachers” or just people with great amount of knowledge?
I can’t say for sure if my geography teacher is the reason why I am not getting the scores I think I deserve or if I am just not utilizing my notes better than I should.
But for now, all I can say is that I WANT MY A FOR THE TEST.