Cyber Monday Crazy


For those who don’t want to lose a leg and an arm for a shirt that’s 50% off, there is Cyber Monday for you. You don’t have to wake up early at 5AM or stay up until 3AM in order to get those mediocre deals in the mall near you. And two most important things that’s so great about Cyber Monday is that you don’t have to wait 20 minutes to get a fitting room. Why buy clothes when they might not look good on you so fitting room is a must right? Also the lines. Oh those long lines for checkout. Waiting in line for 30 minutes to buy the clothes are also one of the dreadful acts of Black Friday. After 15 minutes, you’re probably asking yourself “is this really worth my legs being cramped?” where eventually, you settle your morals when you see that gleam of light at the end of the tunnel that the clothes you picked out are VERY MUCH worth the wait… and the pain.

I am a victim of those deals too. I went Black Friday shopping this year at 10PM on Thursday and already, there were hoards of people walking around with oversized shopping bags. And the parking. Let me tell you, we got lucky on the parking. If you have gone Black Friday shopping, forget the shopping, lets find the parking spot first… which might take up half your shopping time. It’s dreadful.
However, I had a strict list for myself what to buy and I went in to the outlet mall and swiftly came out in 2 hours. You can say it was productive night of shopping. I was not going to be at the mall for over 4 hours just to get couple of things. But that’s just me.

So, I shopped on Cyber Monday. I only bought couple of things on Black Friday that I knew I wouldn’t be able to get deals on Cyber Monday so I was very much ready to go crazy with the plastic in my hand.
Now now, it was not all for me. I think Black Friday and Cyber Mondays are perfect times to shop for Christmas gifts so I did just that and spent half the money I saved for shopping on gifts and half on myself. And let me tell you, I felt so productive. Clicking away things on the screen and just plugging in my card number and being done with all of my Christmas shopping in about an hour? Victorious.

Now, I’m not demoting Black Friday. I truly do believe they have good sales but sometimes, I see the articles about injuries and deaths from Black Friday and ask myself, is it worth it? Why go through all the trouble when you can get the deals as good online as the ones on Black Friday? It’s troubling sometimes.
However, shopping is great. Buying stuff is gives people a sense of satisfaction and excitement to wear the new clothing the next day.
So happy shopping everybody!